About Shout Out Saugerties


Shout Out Saugerties is a volunteer organization led and staffed by dedicated people who donate their time and talent to promote our town. We partner with others -- galleries, restaurants, merchants, arts and civic non profits, the Farmers Market -- to present a variety of events for the enrichment of the community and to highlight its many cultural assets. 

Shout Out offers workshops, discussions, and programs featuring music, literary readings, visual art, crafts, film, culinary arts and performance based arts in an October Festival, as well as in selected events year round.

Contact us: info@shoutoutsaugerties.org


Shout Out Saugerties came out of Indivisible Saugerties meetings in Spring, 2017, when national foundations for the arts and humanities (NEA, NEH) were threatened with elimination. To call attention to the indispensable role the arts play in our community and the importance of funding, a festival was born. 

The core planning and organizing committee for 2017 was Suzanne Bennett, Susana Meyer and Jeremy Russell. With the help of Indivisible, and merchants and artists, they planned and oversaw 35 events in four October weekends with over 60 participating artists. 



  • Katie Cokinos

  • Angela Gaffney-Smith

  • Arzi McKeown

  • Christy Rupp

  • Peter Vinogradov


Margarita Asiain, Michelle Aizenstat, Suzanne Balsamo, Loel Barr, Edith Bolt, Nancy Campbell, Katie Cokinos, Dalia De Jesus, Diane Dwyer, Sari Grandstaff, Beth Glick, Teresa Giordano, Josepha Gutelius, Amanda Hinski, Laura Huron, Arzi McKeown, Michelle Melton, Elin Menzies, Debra Moskowitz, Susan Murphy, Shanti Payne, Joan Reinmuth, Sydnie Grosberg Ronga, John Schoonmaker, Angela Gaffney-Smith, Michael Sullivan Smith, Rae Stang, Mary McNamara Tashjian, Joanne Pagano Weber, Bruce Weber, Helen Zouvelekis


For our October festival, Shout Out needs people to greet visitors at our Design Saugerties gallery on Partition Street, hand out brochures and assist with events. Be part of our creative team. Volunteer.  

Thanks to Beth Glick, for creating the logo, Nancy Campbell and Prue See for photographs of their paintings, and to Helen Zouvelekis for website design.

Sunday Evening, Main Street, Nancy Campbell

Sunday Evening, Main Street, Nancy Campbell

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House with Reeds, by Prue See

House with Reeds, by Prue See