Secret Saugerties!

Ready to discover hidden treasures around town?

As part of our month-long cultural celebration of our town, we’ve put together an online challenge. Saugerties is best known for Opus 40 and our Lighthouse, but there are countless fascinating places to explore. It’s time to put these spots on the map! Take your camera (or your phone) and make photographs, “selfies” welcome. Be creative with your shots and tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@shoutoutsaugerties). Use the hashtag #SecretSaugerties. If you aren't on social media, email your entries to, subject line: Secret Saugerties.

The Destinations:
* Note times available for viewing

Esopus Bend Nature Preserve
10 Shady Lane


Esopus Bend Nature Preserve is a unique 161-acre preserve located partially within both the village and town of Saugerties along a dramatic bend in the Esopus Creek less than a mile from the Hudson River. 
Watch for these signs for an opportunity to photograph great natural beauty.

Esopus Creek Conservancy 

*William Morris Window at Trinity Church 
32 Church Street


The Vanderpoel Window (1867) is said to be the first stained glass window commission undertaken by the William Morris Company for an American client. Trinity is proud to have this world-class treasure and is delighted to share it with us. They have set up the following times for SOS to come into the building and take pictures:

Wednesdays - October 2, 9 & 16 - 4:00-6:00 pm
Sundays - October 6 & 13, 11:00 am -1:00pm

Café Tamayo Bar, now Windmill Wine and Spirits
89 Partition Street


The Ziegler Cafe opened in 1864.  Rickie and Jimmy Tamayo were told by George Thornton, when they bought the building from him, that the Walnut bar was entirely hand made and built in the space. It has been here since Ziegler’s opened.  

Fun fact: How can you tell if the spindles, (turned supports on the back bar) are hand made or machine made? If the turns go the same way, it is machine made, if they turn into each other, as these do, they are handmade. 

*John Vanderlyn, Jr. painting in the Saugerties Masonic Hall 
19 Russell Street 


Vanderlyn’s painting, in the lobby of the Hall, is captivating. This Kingston painter, trained by his more illustrious uncle, for whom he was named, achieved a solid career a portrait painter. This is an example of his more imaginative work.

Viewing times: (Use the side door pictured on the right to enter)

Friday October 4, Monday October 7, Thursday October 15, 4:30 – 7:00pm

Saturday October 12, 2:30 – 8:00pm

Fun Fact: The Ziegler of the above Café was an early Master of the Lodge at this Masonic Hall.

St. Mary’s Church Cemetery 
36 Cedar Street


St Mary’s was founded in 1833 and the cemetery has graves dating back to that date. There are many interesting and striking graves around the grand church. We have selected a particular gravesite in the section on the corner of Post & Cedar. It is the Loerzel family marker. Members of the family were buried there from 1871-1982. And yes – this is the family that owned the brewery on Partition. 

*WPA Mural at Cahill Elementary School

134 Main Street


Cahill is across the street form the Farmers Market, but unless you went to school or have had a child there, you have probably never seen the remarkable mural by Edward Dreis. We have permission to go in school on the following dates: 

October 7 – 10 (Monday – Thursday) – 4:30 -6:30. 

Remember to bring ID. Use the entrance on Washington nearest the Library. Someone will be there to direct you.

Ezio Martinelli Statue in Seamon Park
5 Malden Avenue


It’s Mum season, a perfect time for a stroll through the park. Tucked away up at the top is a rarely seen piece of art. If you go around the house and up to the next level, hang a right to go past the gilded swan fountain and you will find it on your right amidst the trees.

Ezio Martinelli

Town Hall Mural
4 High Street


In 2006, as a finishing touch to the renovation of the rear area of Saugerties Town Hall on North Street, home to various departments including building, planning, TV 23 and the assessor’s offices, a multi-panel mural depicting various scenes of the Town of Saugerties was installed on the hall which runs the length of the building.  The interior layout of the building was designed by architect Janus Welton of Janus Welton Design Works. Her concept for the hallway incorporated a recognizable feature of the Saugerties Village, the marquis of the Orpheum Theatre, while across from that is the mural, featuring iconic scenes of the Saugerties landscape. Welton’s concept was to bring the Saugerties landscape into an essentially windowless building. Artist Nancy Campbell was project manager for the mural comprising some 77, 4’x4’ particle board panels, each one a separate painting based on a portion of a composite panoramic photo Welton put together from the contributions of several local photographers.  Saugerties artists of all ages, from pre-school to adult, responded enthusiastically to the “call for artists.” Each artist chose the section they wished to paint, were provided with paint, a numbered panel and a photograph. The finished works were assembled and installed by the town’s parks and recreation workers on the walls of the hallway, and the mural was dedicated in December of 2006. 

When you come to Town Hall stay right along the red brick side of the building and use this entrance – the Panels will be to your left once you enter.

Tomas Penning sculptures

Called the "Bluestone Master" because of his bold sculpture carvings, Tomas Penning was born in Glidden, Wisconsin and studied in Duluth, Minnesota, the Art Institute of Chicago and with Alexander Archipenko in Woodstock, New York.


We have two of his sculptures in Saugerties – both, stunning. 

  • St John the Evangelist Church - 915 Route 212
    To the left, as you look at the church, is a charming grotto with one of the pieces.

  • * St. Mary School - 36 Cedar Street

    This piece can be viewed: 2:00 – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday
    Use the main door, (the one nearest the white building) and
    ring the bell on the left.  (If there is no response call 845-246-6381)

Discover, or revisit, as many as you like, and send us your best photos—and, yes, they can be selfies. Tag #SecretSaugerties for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed!
These secrets are shared with the help of many members of the ShoutOut team. Special thanks:

for pointing us in the right directions:

Nancy Campbell
Audrey Klinkenberg
Rickie Tamayo
Elisa Tucci
Bruce Weber

for granting us entrance:
David R. Barkstedt, Masonic Hall 
Christine Molinelli, Principal of St. Mary School
Rev. Michael Phillips, Trinity Church
Dawn Scannapieco, Principal of Cahill School